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Bridgeport Doctor Honored for Fighting Covid-19 Through Preventative Care

Aug 29, 2021,

Sen. Richard Blumenthal honored a Bridgeport doctor on Sunday for fighting COVID-19 by promoting good health.
He calls Dr. Dana Wade “one of the great heroes of America’s public health community.”
Dr. Wade is the CEO of “Monitor My Health”, whose goal is to prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease. These are all conditions that complicate COVID-19.
Dr. Wade says by helping people adjust their diet, lifestyle and outlook, he can vastly reduce their chances of dying from these disorders.
“I feel like I am very strategic in my contribution to mitigate the effects of the COVID outcome by preventing those conditions through lifestyle change modification,” says Dr. Wade.
“All of the work that he is doing is lifesaving in this time of COVID,” says Sen. Blumenthal. “Diabetes and heart disease are potentially killers.”
Wade is also working to promote culturally appropriate health services.