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Success Stories

Icolin S.

Program Participant
She’s In A Good Place Now But Has Spent Decades Battling A Weight Problem.

“She says she has been chasing after the ideal of her younger self, back in Jamaica. Sewell says she did a 180 and was able to take control of her weight when she met Dr. Dana Wade, of Bridgeport – a medical doctor with an MBA who is on a mission to help communities of color overcome weight issues.”


Virginia M.

Program Participant
Lost 25 Pounds Halfway Through The Program

“I completely got rid of my back pain!”

Geoffrey R.

Program Participant
Lost 10 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!

“I started with an A1c of 5.7, which is prediabetes, and after 12 weeks my A1c is 5.6, which is normal! So excited!”


Kathy L.

Program Participant
Lost 17 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease!”


Pia A.

Program Participant
Lost 9 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!

“I think without this program, I might have fallen off the wagon.”


CJ Adetona R.

Program Participant
Lost 9 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!
“I encourage anyone that, if there is a possibility to go into this training and to this Monitor My Health program, and it will be a lifestyle changing experience for you as well.”  

Michelle B.

Program Participant
Lost 8 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!

“I think everyone should participate in this program. It is very rewarding. It teaches you how to eat, and it is not a diet, it is just a way of life.”


Kathy M.

Program Participant
Lost 15 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!

“It has helped me a lot in learning how to change my lifestyle, and my eating habits, and activity habits.”


Barbara S.

Program Participant
A1c Dropped From 6.4 To 5.6 In 4 Months!

“I have learned how to shop and cook healthy meals, and I also increased my level of activity and pace.”


Ann G.

Program Participant
Lost 11 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!

“My Doctor says I am healthier now than I have been in 10 years. I have lowered my A1c, I am no longer prediabetic, and I am delighted with the progress I have made.”


Barbara M.

Program Participant
Lost 20 Pounds Half-Way Through The Program!

“You really are given all the tools: nutritional support, exercise support.. That is what was lacking with all of the other things I have tried.”

Mike's Prediabetes Journey

Program Participant
He Does Not Have Prediabetes Anymore!

“The program showed me that diabetes was in reach for me to prevent.”

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