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Lifestyle Change Program For Employers & Insurers

Invest in your employees’ health & increase company productivity

Your employees’ health is your greatest resource.

Investing in your staff builds a healthier workforce while reducing costs associated with:

Being absent due to chronic diseases impacts productivity and company morale, resulting in increased costs for employers.

Team of medical doctors

Unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking and sedentary lifestyles, often contribute to chronic diseases. As a result, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes cost employers an estimated $36.4 billion per year in increased insurance costs.

Our innovative program engages employees by encouraging health and wellness education led by uniquely qualified Lifestyle Coaches.

Experience the effectiveness of employer-led prevention programs.

Employers who have implemented this program reported:

Your return on investment (ROI) includes:

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Focus on the bottom line. Preventing chronic disease is more cost-effective than managing an unhealthy workforce.

Use The Impact Toolkit To Discover The Health And Economic Effects Our Program Can Have On Your Employees At Risk For Chronic Disease.

Some Of Our Program Participant's Stories