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Lifestyle Change Program For Medical Professionals

Partner with Monitor My Health to provide holistic chronic disease prevention solutions For Your Patients

Chronic disease prevents your patients from living exhilarating and healthy lives.
Although pharmacology treatment options help control chronic disease, your patients can successfully prevent chronic disease through healthy habits and engaging in physical activity, and managing stress.
Equip your patients with the resources, tools, and Coaches needed to prevent the onset of chronic disease.

The proof of our program’s success is in its outcomes:

As a medical practitioner, you have the power to encourage your patients to make choices that will help them live healthier lives.Partnering with Monitor My Health is simple, convenient, and effective.

We have locations throughout the United States. Please contact a representative at a location near you.
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Support Your Patient's Efforts To Prevent Type-2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Obesity

Some Of Our Program Participant's Stories